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Top 10 Football Jello Shots

Shake things up at your football party with these ultimate game day jello shot recipes.

referee jello shotThe Referee Jello Shot

Don’t get penalized for "delaying the game!" Make this easy and delicious jello shot for your next sports party.







the anthem jello shotThe Anthem Jello Shot

A party without a jello shot is like a sporting event without the national anthem! Make everyone’s day and fulfill your patriotic spirit by including this patriotic jello shot. With a great blend of berry and sweet flavors, it’s bound to make a few highlight reels!






2 point conversion jello shot2 Point Conversion Jello Shot

Inspired from the lemon drop shot, this jello shot tries to incorporate multiple tasks into a single shot. Be sure to sprinkle with sugar for the full effect!






the cheerleader jello shotThe Cheerleader Jello Shot

This jello shot is bound to get anyone out of their seats and cheering for more! With a base of daiquiri and pina colada jello, adding cake and whipped vodka just amplifies the spirit of this lively jello shot. Be advised, you may need to make more than one batch to avoid having angry fans.






butterscotch blitz jello shotButterscotch Blitz Jello Shot

Instant hot apple cider and butterscotch schnapps combine to make a mouthwatering treat. Topped with whipped cream and butterscotch syrup, these shots are more dessert than appetizer. Best eaten with a spoon!






mean joe green margarita jello shotMean Joe Green Margarita Jello Shot

This pint-size potion packs a punch, just like football Hall of Famer and four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Greene. Lime Jello gives them the vivid green color; pre-made margarita mix and tangy tequila deliver a traditional margarita flavor.






the fumblerooskie jello shotThe Fumblerooskie Jello Shot

These jello shots are your perfect trick play! The flavor of rootbeer float will almost make you feel like it’s summer, if it wasn’t for the winter wind. These will be a great addition to your Super Bowl party!






the kicker jello shotThe Kicker Jello Shot

Don’t expect to feel any kicks when putting down a few of these jello shots, The Kicker caters to the lighthearted and is eager to please. Three points if you can get all the jello out of the boot!






hail mary jello shotHail Mary Jello Shot

The name says it all, put it up and hope it comes together! Whether you love it or hate it, will all depend on how you feel about Bloody Mary’s. If you like the idea, you’re sure to love this jello shot with a kick! Be sure to garnish with salt, pepper, olives and whatever else you can find that you’d normally put in your Bloody Mary.






gatorade shower jello shotGatorade Shower Jello Shot

This tangy treat gets its name from the post-game ritual of dumping gallons of sticky orange stuff over the head of some unsuspecting coach to celebrate a win. While we don’t advocate immersing yourself in this sweet concoction, feel free to dunk your taste buds!






the waterboy jello shotThe Waterboy Jello Shot

Not known for being overly strong, The Waterboy is a great shot to get your game on without risking sitting on the sidelines all day. Make them with Gatorade or just make them taste like they are!








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