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Fruit Tea

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Fruit Tea
2010-03-16 Beverages
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Brewed tea is combined with orange juice, pineapple juice and sugar to make this recipe for a crowd.

  • Servings: about 20, 8- oz. servings


5 Lipton Tea Bags
3 pkg Water
1 cup Sugar
1× 46 oz can Pineapple Juice
1 qt Orange Juice
2 Lemons
Mint Leaves, optional


In a saucepan over medium heat put 1 quart of the water and the 5 tea bags; bring just to a boil. Take out the tea bags. Put sugar in a 1-gallon tea pitcher; pour the hot brewed tea over the sugar and stir till dissolved. Then add Orange juice, pineapple juice, remaining water, and squeeze 1 lemon into mixture. Pour into tea glasses; garnish with lemon slices and mint.

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Great for any special event.