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Ginger Apple Cider With Pomegranate Juice

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Ginger Apple Cider with Pomegranate Juice
2012-12-02 Other
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This beautiful non-alcoholic beverage is suitable for any Holiday gathering. It’s fun enough for the kids and elegant enough for the adults. Punch it up with pomegranate ice cube and/or optional candied ginger and pomegranate arils (seeds). You can certainly add vodka too!

  • Servings: 16-20
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes


½ gal Apple Cider, sparkling or flat
½ gal (or 1 Liter Bottle) of Ginger Ale
1 qt Pomegranate Juice
Lime Wedges
Pomegranate Arils, seeds
Candied Ginger, diced
Apple Wedges
Additional Pomegranate Juice To Make Ice Cubes


Be sure all liquids are very cold before preparing.

For non-alcoholic beverage:

1. In a large pitcher add the cider, ginger ale and pomegranate juice. Keep refrigerated.

2. Serve in a cocktail glass, wine glass or serve in a tall glass over ice (regular or made from pomegranate juice).

3. Optional garnish with a wedge of lime.

For a cocktail: Add 1 quart of vodka to the above

For a punch:

1. The night before, make ice cubes from an additional bottle of pomegranate juice

2. In a punch bowl, add 1 cup of diced candied ginger, apple wedges, the seeds of a fresh pomegranate and lime rings or wedges from 3 limes.

3. Add the cider, ginger ale, pomegranate juice and pomegranate ice cubes.

4. Optional: add 1 quart of vodka