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Warm Apple Cider Martini

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Warm Apple Cider Martini
2011-01-11 Beverages
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Apple cider is spiked with vodka and vanilla liqueur to make a warm mixed drink that is great for any party.

  • Servings: 1


2 oz Apple Cider
2 oz Vodka
½ oz Vanilla Liqueur
2 Tbsp Caramel Sauce
Pinch Cinnamon
1 Cinnamon Stick


In a 1 cup microwave safe measuring cup, combine the cider, vodka, and vanilla liqueur. Heat the mixture in microwave until warm, but not boiling, 1-1 1/2 minutes. Pool the caramel sauce in a shallow bowl. Overturn a wine glass and dunk the rim in the sauce, twisting it to coat well. Sprinkle cinnamon around rim and fill glass with warmed beverage. Serve with cinnamon stick as a garnish.